About Olives and Honey

Olives and Honey Exhibition stand

Olives and Honey Exhibition stand


Olives and Honey lived within our hearts and minds for years and years. Growing up in a country with rich gastronomic and cultural tradition you can’t help but remember the childhood and all those culinary experiences such as unique smells and flavours from the cooking of our yaya (grandma). Every aroma, every taste, coming out from a traditional Greek dish, was an unforgettable anamnesis (memory).

A traditional Greek celebration revolves around The Three Fs…Family, Friends and traditional healthy Food, the very unique characteristics that all visitors get acquainted with when they visit Greece. Whether it is for the crystal clear waters of the blue sea on a Greek island or the unique blue skyline of a Greek mountain in the mainland, the anamnesis (memories) are shared and repeated; taste and aroma!

It is no surprise that for years, study after study finds the Mediterranean cuisine as one of the healthiest!   Deriving from the pure, healthy, loftiest quality natural ingredients that have existed in Greece since ancient times, we grew up and got accustomed to unique fine tastes and rich aromas.

Years have passed by and nature continues constantly to offer its most precious treasures to us. Our anxiety has blossomed with the concept of Olives and Honey and has found the flame it needed to. Healthy eating does not have to be the anamnesis of the past, but a new way of living, for the present…and for the future!

Let us put the ingredients, while you…indulge your appetite and tasty palette!