Our Team

At Olives and Honey, our products have names, places of origin and their own history. But most importantly, they have unique people, whose restless efforts to produce unique flavours, from the loftiest ingredients and high nutritional values are included with every jar and every bottle.

We share a common passion and a common vision. We share the passion for authentic, homemade food with a vision to promote the good health of the pure and natural our country has to offer. Those characteristics have become our philosophy “Finest natural ingredients for a healthier living”.

They are farmers, artisan producers, beekeepers… but to Olives and Honey, they are…Our Team!


Honey Aggelikis | Ellion | Honey Chrysanthi| Cretan Myron


A team would not be complete, without people that believe in what we believe in and support what we stand to represent. They may be behind the scenes but they are part of the Olives and Honey team!