Honey with dark chocolate
Honey with dark chocolate

Aggelikis Honey with Dark Chocolate

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Aggelikis Honey with dark chocolate is a fusion of 3 honeys with couverture chocolate


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Product Description

Aggelikis Honey with Dark Chocolate, is a combination of 3 types of honey, in specific proportions, with couverture chocolate.

It is a truly unique, healthy product, which does not have any saturated fat and therefore give the parents a “great weapon” against the obesity, avoiding the consumption of any walnut pralines.

It is usually served on pancakes, crepes and slices of toast bread but it can be used on deserts, cakes.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values per 100 gr.

Energy: 1806 KJ / 431 Kcal
Protein: 1.9 gr
Carbohydrate: 73 gr
Fat: less than 14.6 gr
of which saturated: 9.5 gr
Salt: 0 gr




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