Raw Thyme Honey
Raw Thyme Honey

Aggelikis Raw Thyme Honey

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Product Description

Aggelikis Raw Thyme Honey comes from the vicinity of Makronissos island and from the Mesogeia region in Athens, places well known worldwide for the specific quality and type of honey. Their main characteristic is its color, which is light amber to amber when liquid. Species of thyme include alogothymaro (Anthyllis hermanniae), savoury oregano and cabitatus.

Raw thyme honey is difficult to produce because -sturdy as the thyme plant may be- its flower is equally just as delicate.

The Grecian father of medicine, Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC), wrote, “Honey and pollen cause warmth, clean sores and ulcers, soften hard ulcers of lips, heal carbuncles and running sores.”

It is best served with buttered bread, on yogurt with dried nuts (or not) and many chefs use it on roast meat (usually pork).

Comes in a glass jar of either 245 or 454  grams net.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values per 100 gr.

Energy: 1416 KJ / 333 Kcal
Protein: 0.4 gr
Carbohydrate: 80.9 gr
of which sugars: 74gr
Fat: less than 0.1 gr
of which saturated 0.1 gr
Salt: 0 gr




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