Ellion Gastronomy Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Ellion Gastronomy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Product Description

Ellion Gastronomy Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the private olive grove of family Vassiliadis Vlachavas located in the beautiful hillsides of community Vrastamon of mountainous Chalkidiki , at an altitude of 450 meters with a unique mesoclimate that encourages the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil .

The careful management of the olive grove and meticulous harvesting of the fruit and the oil extraction at all stages, from farming to the bottling and warehousing of the olive oil, completes the gift of nature and contribute to creation of this Extra Virgin Olive oil with intense organoleptic characteristics.

But what makes Ellion Gastronomy unique is that it comes from the natural juices of two unique olive varieties, the rare variety “Galano”, which is grown in close geographic boundaries of the community Vrastamon – METAGITSI and the variety “Chondroelia Chalkidiki”. Powerful advantages of both varieties are the high content of phenolic substances, rich in antioxidant properties and retention of intense organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil for long periods.

Ellion Gastronomy is a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an intense fruity and dense flavour and an aroma reminiscent of green tea, artichoke, green olive and cherry almond. Its intense flavour is heightened by the lively presence of bitter and spicy elements which strongly enhance its unique and tasteful personality.


Type: 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil
Acidity: max 0,8
Extraction: Cold extraction at 27%
Variety: Chalkidiki/Galani
Origin: Chalkidiki

Serving suggestion:

This exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best eaten raw.
Use it in salads, tarts (meat or fish), with sushi or steak, or pour over grilled/boiled vegetables.



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